[The Untamed Gal Podcast] Overcoming Female Rivalry and Negotiating Anything You Want with Jennifer Huggins

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In this episode, I got the chance to talk about women rivalry and the art of negotiating with one powerful business chick: Jennifer Huggins. Jen is an entrepreneur, boxing coach, President of Boxing Ontario, International Referee, a magician’s assistant, and the founder of Fight To End Cancer. This episode is all about helping you understand why female rivalry happens, how to overcome it and negotiating your way through anything you want.

How She Got Started

“It took me all the way to my 30’s to feel inspired and comfortable around other powerful women. – Jen

One of her first jobs being a professional gogo dancer at age 15 in Toronto nightclubs, Jen knew that the bar life was only a stepping stone to propel her towards her entrepreneurship dream. It only took her five years to save enough money to buy her first business: Kingsway Boxing Club. Jen went on to open two gym locations, became an AIBA International 3 star boxing referee and judge. She is now the President of Boxing Ontario, a Keynote speaker on empowerment and business strategies and the Founder CEO of Fight to End Cancer.

Being involved in a men’s world at such a young age, Jen became a voice for females in sport, business, gender equality, negotiations and her community.

Some Of The Question I Ask

  • What good or challenging experiences made you the woman you are today?
  • How can we deal with the rivalry between women at work, in sport or in our personal lives?
  • What are your top negotiation strategies?
  • Do you think powerful women can find true love?
  • What are the top 3 skills any chick should have become an entrepreneur?

What You’ll Learn

  • Why rivalry exists between women and how to overcome it.
  • How to negotiate your way through anything you want.
  • How to lead with your values.
  • How love can be possible for driven, successful women.

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