JENNIFER HUGGINS is a multi-dimensional, bundle of energy who has big dreams and several diverging career interests! She is an entrepreneur, a boxing coach, an international referee, a magician’s assistant and the force behind Fight To End Cancer (FTEC)!

Jennifer began following her dreams at a young age when she devoted nearly the first half of her life to the sport of competitive figure skating. She met with an unfortunate accident that cut her skating career short, and during rehabilitation, Jennifer turned to the sport of boxing as both a strengthening activity and therapeutic tool. Her passion flame grew from there and in 2006 she opened the very successful, Kingsway Boxing Club. Her entrepreneurial spirit and success allowed Jennifer the rare opportunity to impact two of her greatest loves; the sport of boxing and community service.

Jennifer traveled the world over the past decade, performing on some of the grandest stages, as an assistant to a professional magician – this on top of all of her business commitments! Fight To End Cancer was conceived in 2011 through her love of boxing, business and entertainment. She oversees the day-to-day management of FTEC as the Executive Director and along with her executive planning team, is on a mission to make it one of the top fundraisers, both locally and abroad.

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Jennifer was awarded the 2017 Ron Whalley Memorial Award for Official of the year by Boxing Canada. She honoured to share the stage with Canada’s Female Boxer Of The Year Mandy Bujold and Male Boxer Of The Year Arthur Borz Biyarslanov and the inspiring Yvon Michel, who have helped pave the way for Future Of Boxing!

Recently awarded the 2020 Women In Sport Achievement Award by The International Olympic Committee, Jennifer now divides her time between her role with FTEC, running the Kingsway Boxing Club and travelling the world as both a Referee for Olympic Boxing at the international level and as a performer. The fact that she accomplishes so much truly is magic!

Giving back to the community that has supported her businesses and personal growth has become integral to her life. Jennifer’s personal and business motto is that Variety Is The Spice Of Life. In her words “I love boxing in the ring and living outside of the box, unless I’m put there by my magician”.


I am commonly asked why I choose to “fight” cancer. The truth is, there are so many causes out there that need to be supported and one day I hope to fight for all of them. I fight cancer as these diseases continue to attack those who mean the world to me – my community.

The Fight To End Cancer started as an outlet through which I could bring together all of my passions: boxing, business and entertainment. Developing this unique fundraising event allowed me the ability to try to fulfill my dream of building a stronger, healthier community.

I believe that fighting is in our DNA. It is a skill we develop when dealing with adverse situations. Sometimes, we choose to fight and other times we are forced to. The battle, which one faces with cancer, is much like a boxing match; only the decision to step into the ring was made for them along with their opponent. The team that stands behind a boxer can make, or break their fight. It is no different for someone who is faced with the reality of having to fight cancer – the team behind them can make all the difference.

Cancer does not discriminate. We have all watched, painfully, as it attacks friends and family, both young and old. It tests the limits of, not only the victim, but also of their loved ones. Maintaining the physical strength it takes to go to battle with cancer is something that can take virtually everything out of an individual. However, the burning flame to fight and to win must never be extinguished – those who can fight – must.

An extraordinary example of how people can make a difference in the outcome of a fight are the people who work at the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. They have become a beacon of hope in our community and they work to help those who need it the most. Their mission is to “Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime”. Given this monumental task, they not only give hope, they help produce concrete results. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is a team leader in the community who deeply believes in what they do and work tirelessly to accomplish their goals.

Teaming with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has been a dream come true and has inspired me to never fear big challenges. I love to fight, I love people and through the Fight To End Cancer, I have found a purpose.

It has been nearly a decade since the conception of Fight To End Cancer and a team who once consisted of friends and family, now has become an international community and a force to be reckoned with. Fighting together is a metaphor through which we will continue to show our support for those who need it most.

Defeat Is NOT An Option!