A Note From Boxing Ontario President Jennifer Huggins

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After travelling around the world and back again in 2019, I’m privileged to have concluded the years’ travels right here at home. I was honoured to officiate at the World Championships in Siberia, then continued on to Melbourne for the Australian Olympic Qualifiers. At the end of December, I was thankful to have completed my appointments officiating at the Canadian Olympic Qualifiers back on Canadian soil, in Montreal.

A Note To The Members:

There were many highlights from this incredible journey, officiating three world class boxing events, on three different continents, in three months. The most incredible takeaway from this experience, was to see the boxers from Ontario, paving the way as world class athletes, proving to be the best competitors in our country!

Congratulations to the 22 athletes from Ontario, who competed for the ultimate dream: to represent Canada in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

6 GOLDS (Mandy Bujold – 51kg, Justin Parina – 52kg, Jaquan Carty – 75kg, Melinda Watpool – 75kg, John-Michael Bianco – 81kg, Aaron Huggins – 91+kg)

4 SILVERS (Leo Kamara – 57kg, Spencer Wilcox – 63kg, Moe Zawadi – 81kg, Satwinder (Sunny) Thind – 91kg

5 BRONZES (Jack Hemmings – 52kg, Sara Buzcek – 60kg, James Hughes – 69kg, Nikita Abbott – 69kg, Marvin Ude – 91kg)

If you missed out on the action from the Canadian Olympic Qualifiers last month, check out this incredible writeup by Kaitlyn Clark: Celebrating Boxing Day 2019 With The Champions Of Boxing Ontario


We are weeks away from the announcement of our new member-based committees that will be aiding in the operation and execution of the future of Boxing Ontario. If you missed out on the first round of applications, it’s not too late! We’re also looking for applicants for our newest committee:

  • Fund Development Committee
  • Application Deadlines: Jan. 19, 2020 – Apply NOW!!


Registrations are filling up for the historic Brampton Cup at the end of January, which is garnering attention from athletes around the world. We also have an incredible roster of tournaments on the horizon, including the Golden Gloves 2020 – Provincial Championships and a new ‘Super Tournament’ to be scheduled in June 2020. Don’t forget to get your memberships renewed for 2020 to be eligible for enrolment for both competition and committee participation.


This is an exciting year for our province, as many of our athletes will be taking their next steps on the Road To Tokyo. We as the Board, look forward to providing support these athletes, coaches and their families on this exciting journey. We couldn’t be more excited to see the heights that our athletes, coaches, and association will achieve as we work together to build on the talent and opportunities throughout our province.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and healthy 2020 and look forward to a dynamic and inclusive Boxing Ontario.


Jennifer Huggins
Boxing Ontario | President
3-Star AIBA International Boxing Referee/Judge

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