[ANNOUNCEMENT] Back From The AIBA World Boxing Championship & Ready To Step Up Locally!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Back From The AIBA World Boxing Championship & Ready To Step Up Locally!

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On October 20, 2019, I was honoured to be elected as President of Boxing Ontario. With your support, I have confidence in unifying our province so that we can attain the greatest success.

A Note To The Members:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in Syd Vanderpool, Lee Smith, Michael Williamson, Fred Ten Eyck and myself as your new Board Of Directors (BOD). It is our collective goal to implement and deliver a corporate structure and communication system, which will take our association and sport to new heights, promoting our athletes to achieve their fullest potential.

The BOD had their first official meeting this past weekend and we are looking forward to launching and reinstating several member-driven committees to help create an inclusive future for Boxing Ontario. It is our goal to empower the clubs, coaches, officials and athletes to be the driving force behind our vision of the sport of boxing in Ontario. We want our members to feel supported, united and proud as we move toward a fresh, positive approach which honours the integrity of our sport.

We will be rolling out new committees and identifying opportunities for participation and leadership within these groups. We look forward to receiving your input, and including you in our vision for a dynamic and inclusive Boxing Ontario.

Learn More & Committee Applications

A Little About Myself:

Since discovering boxing at 16 years of age, my perception of the world has completely changed. Though I pride myself on living an extremely diverse lifestyle, much of the success that I’ve had in business, sport and even my personal life, is a direct result of the experiences and training I’ve developed through my involvement in boxing. I have been an active member of Boxing Ontario for over 15 years as a boxer, coach and official. Beyond the tremendous impact which the sport of boxing has had on me personally during this time, I have also witnessed the transformative effect of boxing in so many others’ lives.

In January of this year, I had the pleasure of taking on the role of Provincial Official for Ontario. We’ve since facilitated 3 tournaments and successfully executed one of Ontario’s largest advancing tournaments in our sport’s history. In less than one year, our team has started working with the clubs, coaches and boxers, to help develop structures and lines of communication aimed at advancing the quality, safety and professionalism of the sport of boxing.

I’m honoured to have the members’ confidence as I move forward on Boxing Ontario’s Board Of Directors. I truly believe we have incredible talent in our province coupled with access to the best resources. I know that we will achieve world-class success with clear, united direction.

As an active Official with AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) and the World Series Boxing (WSB), I’m fortunate to be included in seminars by International Boxing top executives and course facilitators on each International assignment. I received my 3-star level in 2014 (Havana, Cuba) and since then I have participated in approximately 25 internationally sanctioned courses and events. These courses keep all 3-Star Officials aligned with the most recent rules, updates and general information to bring back to our federations. I’m excited to bring back the knowledge and strategies being provided at the highest level of boxing to our local association, membership and ultimately to the athletes of Boxing Ontario.

I’m looking forward to helping to create structures and transparency, while investing back into the province that has completed my life!

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