[NEWSTALK 1010 EXCLUSIVE] Mark Towhey Talks Fight To End Cancer

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Mark Towhey sat down a with Jennifer Huggins to learn a little more about anyone can join the Fight To End Cancer. Learn more or join the fight by visiting: http://www.fighttoendcancer.com

About Mark Towhey

Mark Towhey is a management consultant with Ballacaine Strategy & Execution,  working with clients in the private,  public and international NGO sectors who aspire to achieve bold strategic objectives.  He specializes in turning bold strategy into effective and successful action.  He was recently engaged to help a relatively little-known federal politician win the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario; he succeeded.

From 2010 to 2013, Mark served as senior advisor & Chief of Staff to the Mayor of North America’s 4th largest city and Canada’s 6th largest government with 53,000 employees and a $13 Billion budget.  Working closely with the Mayor, the Executive Committee (Cabinet), senior city officials and other governments, he crafted a successful legislative agenda that achieved exceptional success within the first 18 months of the mandate. More about Mark

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